32 and 46-inch Android Coffee Tables to hit the market soon

32 and 46-inch Android Coffee Tables to hit the market soon

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Multitouch Android Coffee Table.

The world has seen plenty of weird products that run Android operating system, like MetaTrend’s Espresso Maker; Samsung’s refrigerator with a 10-inch touchscreen display, Wi-Fi & DLNA; Touch Revolution Washer/Dryer; Touch Revolution Microwave – you name it. But who would have thought to come up with the idea of producing 32 and 46-inch Android Coffee Tables?

Ideum and 3M collaborated to the idea and came up with the solution. They’re these giant Android coffee tables that, unfortunately, run Android 4.1, have four legs just like any other coffee tables you’ve ever seen. Platform 46 and dPlatform 32 Multitouch Coffee Table combine Ideum’s design and 3M’s multitouch display in a casual form factor making it one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen.


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Android Coffee Table specs:

As mentioned earlier, there are two variants of the Multitouch Coffee Table (46 and 32 inches) with a smooth and responsive 1080p display that supports up to 60 touch points, a powerful 3.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 500GB of hard drive. And, of course, it’s water-resistant (coffee-resistant). Play Angry Birds on one of these with Pigs’ heads being as big as yours.

Whether it’s practical or economical or cool, the price starts at a whopping $6950 which will have a huge say in this product’s future success. The Platform Multitouch Coffee Tables are built in the USA and backed by a two-year warranty from Ideum with support from 3M.

The Platform Multitouch Coffee Tables ship with Windows 8 installed which means you have access to virtually any Windows App including legacy applications. Thousands of touch-enabled apps for Windows 8 and 7 are now available. The Platform Multitouch Coffee Tables are available with Windows 7 upon request or, as an upgrade, a dual boot system. The official website says Android version will be available later this year. What’s your take on this Android Coffee Table(t)?

  • Jennifer Fiche

    I give this device 3 days max lifetime in a household with kids.

    • http://dailyfacts.info/ Ruslan

      I think you’re talking about really good kids. My nephews would break it in half in half hour

  • William Laeder

    I feel like this is requirement for a tech guys bachelor pad.

    • http://dailyfacts.info/ Ruslan

      Too bad you can’t rest your feet on it without unlocking it

  • Andrew Taylor

    Why spend $7000 when I can get a 46″ touch screen for $2500 and an Android for it for under $100?

    • http://dailyfacts.info/ Ruslan

      You would then install Android on the screen? :)

      • Andrew Taylor
        • http://dailyfacts.info/ Ruslan

          Great idea and very cost effective too, but I would choose Core i7 for the performance sake. I mean what is the point of having a giant and beautiful display if it isn’t responsive and fast enough?

          But I think your idea is great too!

        • deuteranopian

          That assumes that it would even register the touch screen driver in the first place.

    • DarthDiggler

      I bet this would last longer than a DIY hack. :)

  • Josh Lalonde

    Microsoft already made one ages ago. I hope they get sued!

    • http://dailyfacts.info/ Ruslan

      Why would you hope that? What Microsoft made has long been forgotten. This one is certainly hell of a better than that

      • Josh Lalonde

        Are you an idiot? This is just an over-sized tablet with legs. Microsoft’s employed various technologies that far exceed simple capacitive multitouch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6hIwd3QWvI

  • J Cav the Great

    I would buy this….then hang it on the wall….lol

  • Steven Solidarios

    Time to load up some emulators on this!

  • bloozer

    We at friends company are thinking about that puttin into production for a while now… But it shoul be devidable screen for four people, custom tableclothes, table games, card playing and lots of suff more… Were thinking about two or four quad core procs workin in sync or standalone, one user has admin permitions, ect… Please mail me with new ideas… Lookin for cheap touchscreen producer now… The gizmo is goin to have also a glass over cover for heavy drinkin and watchin movies or playin poker with phones as a remote… Need to write custom apps for that special android version… Join in…

  • bloozer

    P.s. and the price for that shoild be less than 1000$ or about 600€ for starter model with no hand made wooden engavions in the massive wooden body of the table… There should be customizable number of users from one, two or four for a start….