Hidden Google Tricks, Tips and Features

There might have been raised a lot of questions regarding Google’s privacy policy and what not, but Google is still awesome as it is. Today, I will tell you about a few Google tricks and features that you probably didn’t know existed (so, most common google tricks and tips that everyone knows will not feature in the article).Why don’t we start off with an interesting Google fact (It’s not a Google trick):

Ever notice that ubiquitous “I’m feeling lucky” button on the Google homepage that you’ve probably never used. What if I told you that this small little piece of grey rectangle, costs Google over 110 million dollars a year! Because when users press the “I’m feeling lucky”, it takes them directly to the top search result for that query thereby bypassing all the other top 9 results and also the ads that get displayed alongside them. Brin was recently quoted as saying that almost 1% of all Google searches go through the “I’m feeling lucky” button and that costs the company around $110 million in annual revenue.

Google Tricks and Features you probably didn’t know existed:

Final Words

That was it for today and I hope you guys really liked it. If you know any more rare tricks you can pull out on Google, please, let me know by commenting below.  :-) See you next time!

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